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Become proactive and empower your business teams by streamlining your IT support.

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Connect to the Enterprise Flows Repository console to benefit from 20 years of experience in system interconnection.

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What are the observed gains when using EFR in Production?

Spend your energy and time where it matters.

  • 60%
    less "flow" tickets.
  • 50%
    reduction in workload and testing time.
  • 2 min
    Maximum duration for the support team to localize the malfunction.
  • 5 min
    For the business teams to be notified of a malfunction.

Link DIRECT between Production and Architecture

Enterprise Flows Repository is the only tool that provides a direct, automatic link between the enterprise architecture vision and what's actually running on the infrastructure. 

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The cross-functional solution for helping you in your daily life

  • IT Support

    • Centralization of all Information System exchanges,
    • Real-time monitoring of malfunctions,
    • Reduction of consolidation efforts,
    • Direct pointers to procedures.
  • Chief Information Officer

    • 360 visibility on a hidden part of the IS,
    • Optimization of support activities,
    • IT informs the business about malfunctions,
    • Operational performance indicators for management.
  • Information Systems Security Manager

    • Monitoring the transport of sensitive data,
    • Confidentiality of contents.
  • Architect

    • An operational vision aligned with your mapping,
    • Up-to-date application descriptions,
    • Precise repositories: applications, data, and interfaces,
    • An analysis source for qualitative evaluations,
    • Enrichment and automation through APIs.
  • Business Application Manager

    • Real-time alerts,
    • Increased reactivity during issues,
    • Full access to information,
    • Visibility on business perimeters with off-the-shelf reports,
    • Cross-application searches.

Simplifying life with Enterprise Flows Repository

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