Cartography of IS

Enterprise Flows Repository helps you in the governance of your information system.

It brings you numerous advantages to manage and control your IS with business, application, and exchange views.

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Optimize Your Architecture

Bring operational vision into your enterprise architecture vision. It will be accurate, always up-to-date, and operationally focused.

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Organize your production with your architect's vision

Infuse the organization of enterprise architecture into infrastructure teams and operational support teams. The upstream stages of architecture will naturally fit into the operational vision shared by all.

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Operational Mapping Repository

Managing exchanges requires keeping an up-to-date mapping repository.

  • Layered Organization

    With EFR, you apply a market best practice, the structuring of the IS in layers, from Christophe Longépé.

  • Direct Vocabulary

    "Applications" are applications. "Data" is data. Concepts are not reinvented.

  • Enterprise Repository

    Applications, data, and interfaces are managed in repositories. No modeling or method skills are required.

  • Open to IT

    All IT actors (project managers, developers, architects) enrich the repositories.

  • Designed for Exchanges

    Exchange and underlying technology management are fully integrated with:

    • an API repository,
    • a message repository,
    • an event repository.
  • Powered by RUN

    Transports from your environments enrich the repositories with concrete elements.

  • Data Governance

    Data is at the heart of your exchanges. Specialized repositories are dedicated to them:

    • an information repository,
    • a data repository,
    • multiple traceabilities.
  • Off-the-Shelf Reports

    The main monitoring reports of the repositories are provided.

  • Driven by API

    The EFR APIs are accessible to automate information gathering.

Standard needs for IT governance

A cartographic tool designed by architects.

  • Liste d'applications

    Application Repository

    List of applications and their modules within your Information System.
    Each application is defined by its elements and dependencies such as:

    • its data,
    • its versions,
    • the interfaces involved.
  • Détail d'une donnée

    Data Governance

    Data is at the heart of software. It is managed, transported, and consumed in Information Systems.

    Traceability is complete to and from:

    1. the flows,
    2. the applications,
    3. the events. 
  • Cycle de vie

    Pragmatic Reports

    The main uses are taken into account:

    • lifecycle,
    • business fit,
    • debt evaluation.

Expert needs on flows

A cartographic tool supporting flow supervision.

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    Description of information exchanges

    The first vision is the one proposed to the business. It corresponds to data transfer between n systems.

    The concepts implemented are minimal to be understood with:

    • system,
    • information,
    • exchange.
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    Description of data flows

    The design of data transfer between application modules is precise.

    The principle implemented is often called "half-flow". Regardless of the technology you use, it is supported:

    1. API,
    2. WebServices,
    3. Messages,
    4. ETL Jobs.
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    In addition to these repositories and definitions, the management of the lifecycle of Interfaces and flows is proposed to be controlled.

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