A data repository for data teams.

Data management driven by transportation.

  • Layered organization

    With EFR, you apply a market best practice, the layering of the IS, from Christophe Longépé

  • Direct vocabulary

    Data is expressed by the business. Concepts are not reinvented. 

  • Enterprise repository

    Data is at the heart of information transport.
    No modeling or method skills are required.

  • Powered by RUN

    Data transport from your environments enriches repositories with concrete elements.

  • Data governance

    Data is at the heart of your exchanges. Specialized repositories are dedicated to them:

    • an information repository,
    • a data repository,
    • multiple automatic traceabilities.
  • Off-the-shelf reports

    The main data tracking reports are offered. 

Standard needs for data governance.

Data-oriented mapping tool for RSSI and CDO.

  • Liste des informations

    Data Repository

    List of data within your Information System.
    The repository is simple and open to everyone.

  • Détail d'une donnée

    Data Governance

    Data is at the heart of the software. It is managed, transported, and consumed in Information Systems.

    Traceability is complete to and from:

    1. the flows,
    2. the applications,
    3. the events. 
  • Cycle de vie

    Pragmatic Reports

    The main uses are taken into account:

    • data usage,
    • data ownership.
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