Enterprise Flows Repository

Features designed for business teams.

Main features for tracking exchanges directly by functional teams responsible for expert tools ERP, CRM, WMS, etc.

  • Recherche des échanges

    A 100% business-oriented engine

    A powerful search engine following functional axes:

    • Data: type and code
    • Status: Success, Failure, and Attention
    • Source and target systems.
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    1 exchange = 1 line!

    Simplicity is the key.

    Simple and clear concepts, to be used by everyone. 

  • Suivi des systèmes

    Functional dashboards

    Synthesis graphs are intended for "business" teams. That is:

    • by domain,
    • by exchange,
    • by information.
  • Regroupement des alertes

    Intelligent alert management

    During malfunctions, exchanges are grouped. The tracking becomes clear.

    In addition, during recoveries, exchanges in alerts are "removed" from the alert to only display the remaining flows. Essential during recoveries and replays!

  • Mail d'alerte

    The RIGHT contacts are informed by email

    The referents of the affected applications receive an email during a malfunction.

Business teams become autonomous

Business teams become more efficient with Enterprise Flows Repository as they have access to information.

  • 1

    You are alerted

    As an application manager, you are alerted that a data could not be transported to or from your application.

    Email d'alerte
  • 2

    You check the scope of the problem (data and exchange)

    From the link provided in the email, you access the raised alert.

    You identify the blocked data at a glance.

    Alerte fermée automatiquement
  • 3

    You check the details of the reported error

    You are looking to know where this error comes from.

    You select the error exchange and visualize the path taken at the IT level.

    Echange en erreur
  • 4

    You correct the missing data in your application (excluding EFR)

    You have all the information to correct the data in YOUR business application.

    Once done, the exchanges will be triggered as usual.

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  • 5

    You observe its passage to the next transport.

    In the alert or in the exchange console, you observe the success of the new data exchange.

    Congratulations, you have been super efficient! 

    Liste des échanges

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