Your business teams are stuck in IT complexity

Are you affected by this problem of modern Information Systems?

Enterprise Flows Repository is the missing link between business and IT teams

  • Alerted

    You are alerted during malfunctions.

    You manage your activity in real-time. 

  • Visibility

    You have an exhaustive list of exchanges of your assets.

  • 80%

    The vast majority of malfunctions are identified by EFR. You no longer need to create tickets.

  • Simplicity

    EFR presents you with understandable information.
    Data transport between application A and application B. Plain and simple.

  • Efficiency

    All exchanges are grouped in a single console. All searches are done at a single point.

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Enterprise Flows Repository centralizes, standardizes, and synthesizes flows to allow you to operationally manage your information system.

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